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2 years ago


Hello, I thought it was a reader of my first time with a man. tell it like tame compared to some stories here, but still the straw to remember. I was afraid and equel measures, but after it happened he had an erection for hours! at the time of this (about 7 or 8 years ) i in Aberdeen. I lived had heard that gays tend to go down and park in the river or park there. as I was not sure what to do, I decided to park along the river to wait and see what happens, if at all. I waited about 1 hour before realizing that there is a particular car had a couple of times past. last 8 clock, since it was dark and crossed thought I would follow him and see what happens the next time it happened. i hadnt had a good look at the man as the only added excitement. No I have to wait long before he came to me and jumped xxxchatters up and followed his car. application traveled 300 meters and stopped at the roadside, even in the river. I xxxchatters got behind him, and waited. rose quickly to his car and walked toward me. the headlights, I saw that half neared its end of the fifties and was overweight. however, was satisfied with his performance as xxxchatters he xxxchatters had often spoken of sucking older men fantisised said. , was a little worried when he approached. He stood xxxchatters up to my window and engulfed me. never imagined that just had a house in Bucksburn, and if I was to her, I could go there. I was a little surprised when the Aberdeen area Bucksburn was that I was in. I was really scared though. agreed and said that if I followed him, he did not park in the cemetery away and we could have a good time in your car. I agreed and followed. , although there is a residential street, stopped, it was quiet. I was nervous as I parked and got out and walked toward his car. opened the passenger door before you get there, and sat down and closed xxxchatters the door. after a first chat in which I said I'd never done anything with a man, asked to see my cock. i unzipped me and took it again. It is hard rock! extended his hand and started masturbating me. I was very much the feeling of a straw Mans Hand me but not ready for it leaned over and started sucking. I started going a little loose, he says. he asked me was wrong. I just said, I was nervous, and it would be nice. Then I asked if he could see his penis. quickly opened his pants and opened it and pulled down the zipper. Underwear was not what I was looking for his cock. although it was below average in size, was difficult. He took my hand and placed it in the queue. Gradually I began to masturbate. was not fat or what could easily jerk gave him one. he suggested that they understand me. I hesitated to ask while at the same time, what xxxchatters it feels like to suck someone. was still scared and thought of him cuming in my mouth. concerned, however, because of my rock hard cock now, I knew it was a turn on too. in theOved my head forward and down, opened his mouth to take in. I had in my fantisies fool I often masturbated thinking about this, but the reality was that I was not sure if I was there this right for your pleasure. I heard a groun of himand I moved back when I thought I wanted to shoot his load in my mouth. I was disappointed to stop and xxxchatters asked why. I stuttered and stammered once more xxxchatters on the fear was, and so on. more dominant in appearance, and he told me, I concluded. suck xxxchatters was when I knew it was a sub and that would be his xxxchatters way when he forced the situation. When I look back now, I realize it was a change in this, yet was a little worried. grabbed by the neck and forced my head. I opened my mouth and took him into my mouth. he began to fuck my mouth and forced his cock in the back of my throat. although not a big dick, I'm still struggling to take him deep. This continued for abo
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